Financial Structuring

Tummax assists clients with capital raising from the capital market accessible through alternative exchanges. Tummax provides for the design, implementation, and review of financial structuring, procedures, controls, and reporting.

Alternative Stock Exchanges

Tummax  is working with various alternative exchanges.  We form the team of professionals and work closely with the nominated or certified advisors, sponsors, auditors, lawyers, investor relations professionals. Together with these members of the listing team we take on the role to ensure that companies comply with all requirements and rules. Many large and established companies began their listing journey, creating growth and gaining experience. Many of these companies went on to listing on major exchanges.

There are different ways of getting your business listed on an exchange. The initial public offering (‘IPO’) is the best known form of listing your company. By some also regarded the gold standard of listing due to its rigourous due diligence and qualification process during the pre-IPO fase. It can take months, sometimes even years, to prepare for an IPO. Alternatives to the IPO are available.One could consider:

1) Direct Listing, in case of an available listing elsewhere,

2) Reverse Take Over / Merger, which allows for private companies to merge with existing listed shell companies,

3) Special Purpose Acquisition Company, allowing to list a cash entity to raise capital to be invested in a qualifying business, and

4) other types of listing programs offered by the some of the exchanges.

Different types of securities could be listed through alternative exchanges, which include, but is not limited to shares, bonds, structured debt securities, real estate investment trusts, exchange traded funds, preferred shares, depository receipts, derivative warrants, equity warrants and investment companies.
You can list your company on alternative exchanges at a fraction of the cost at the major exchanges.

Some of the advantages of listing on alternative exchanges are:
1) By listing your company on an alternative exchange you are able to obtain access to institutional investors that would otherwise not be able to invest in your business;
2) You create greater brand awareness of your business which could attract additional investors and/or strategic partners;
3) For SMEs a listing allows them to access alternative funding opportunities;
When considering listing as an alternative way of attracting capital to your business, Tummax can help you guide you through the process of selecting the alternative exchange that best fits your profile.
Tummax is at the moment very active in guiding companies through the selection process of  several alternative stock exchanges .
For businesses, this is currently very interesting , not only in terms of cost of listing, but also the ability to attract capital. Many debt & equity providers, pension funds , and High Net Worth Individuals only invest in listed businesses . A listed company , has to meet strict rules and regulations and therefore offers a transparent legal & governance structure. It allows for clarity to the Investor.

Banking and capital
Since the financial crisis banks have become much more reluctant on financing especially SMEs. Banks in Europe and US are still faced with ‘stresstest’, Basel III standards, government bail out plans. For this reason acquiring the necessary capital through a listing on an alternative exchange allows for SMEs the necessary leverage to acquiring financing from banks.

Tummax has ambition!
Tummax has a high level of ambition as evidenced by ambitious initiatives .
Much lower cost !

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